Saturday, 12 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Weekend Update for Week 7

Spoilers from Live Feeds:

  • Sabrina and Rachelle pitch a deal to Jon. If he saves them this week, they will promise their loyalty to him for the rest of the game.
  • Jon nominated Rachelle and Sabrina, aka The Gremlins, for eviction.
  • Sabrina confronts Jon. She says he was foolish not to take their offer. Sabrina says go ahead and vote me out. Jon says okay. 
  • Neda tells Rachelle to try to win the POV Comp.
  • Adel used his special card to replace Allison in the POV Comp. Allison has become suspicious of this - she already suspects she is at the bottom of her alliance and is now thinking the others are planning to backdoor her. Adel tells her that he wanted to play in the comp, and he had to pick someone. She doesn't buy it. Allison leaves to go to the DR and Adel says fuck it, she's gone next week
  • Jon wins POV. 
  • Neda tells Jon to take Rachelle off the block. Neda wants Allison gone. As of Saturday night, he plans on backdooring Allison.
  • Jon, Neda and the Gremlins talk about getting rid of Allison
  • Arlie tells Adel that he should be included in the negotiations with the Gremlins, Adel prefers not to.
  • Allison sat in chair at bottom of stairs next to the War Room door contemplating her fate. She whispers "why won't you open?" and wonders if Sarah might be in there.
  • Adel is on a secret mission...Marsha? He went to the DR, and all the other HGs were locked down in the supply room. Feeds were down, but when they returned, Adel was asking several people for a date, including the men. All give him excuses. So were the HGs told by BB of his mission while on lockdown and told not to cooperate? 
  • Late Sunday Night The HGs were rewarded with booze. Allison gets totally wasted and goes on a rant about her not being right for this game and knowing that she is being backdoored.
  • Neda and Heather reconsider the plan to backdoor Allison...they have figured out the trouble that Arlie has caused, and now recognize the Arlie/Jon plan is not right for their game. Neda and Heather now want to backdoor Arlie.
  • Neda and Heather try to wake up a passed-out Allison to explain their plan. They want Allison aware of the plan before the POV Ceremony on Monday
  • Neda talks to Jon and Jon is now seemingly on board with taking Arlie out.

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