Thursday, 10 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 17 - Week 6 Double Eviction Nailbiter

They start the show with everything we already know. Kenny won POV, took himself off the block and Heather nominated Sarah as replacement.

Arlie realizes he has to reveal himself, so he tells Sarah he flipped to the other side of the house. Blah, blah blah, Allison tells Sabrina she is with the Sloppy Seconds. Sabrina tries her dry cry crap but Allison completely shut her down. Neda sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night and throws out all the condiments for the Have Nots Rachelle, Sarah and Kenny. Just to make them extra cranky.

Out at the hot tub, everyone is happy and having fun. Kenny blurts out "Fuck it, I'm gay". Sabrina stops the rejoicing by saying something inappropriate...gays like to do yoga and that's why they are extra bendy. Kenny tells her how very wrong she is. She then says all her best friends are gay. Quite frankly, I don't think anyone is listening to her anymore.

Sarah tries to make a deal with Neda, but Neda tells her no.

First eviction.  Sarah is evicted by a vote of 3 to 4. Rachelle, Sabrina and Kenny voted for Allison, as expected.

Arisa tells them it's a double eviction. The HoH Comp is called We are Counting on This., based on the house guests' knowledge of the number of items in the house. They are pitted against one another in pairs. The person who buzzes in first and answers correctly knocks out the other, and then chooses the next pair to face off.

Rachelle bumps out Sabrina
Neda bumps out Jon
Kenny bumps out Rachelle
Arlie bumps out Adel
Neda bumps out Neda
Arlie bumps out Allison
Neda bumps out Arlie and wins.

Arlie was actually playing until he faced Neda, then threw it. Surprise, surprise. Yeah that was sarcasm.

Neda only has a few minutes to name her nominees. There was no Topaz moment like last year. She nominates the Gremlins, aka Sabrina and Rachelle. She is obviously counting on one of the Sloppy Seconds to win the POV Comp, because we know her target is Kenny. Adel runs to get his POV card before the players are picked, just in case he has to use it to replace Kenny. (if Kenny is picked to play in the POV Comp)

Three other players are picked to play the POV: Heather, Adel, and Arlie. At this point, the Gremlins are really, really hoping that the Sloppy Seconds are planning to backdoor Kenny, otherwise their number is up.

The POV Comp is called Dumpster Diving for Day Old Donuts. They have to dive for donuts with the names of the first five (not the alliance) evicted house guests, then put them in order of eviction. Hey, what do you know, Arlie actually wins something! So you might ask why he thought he had to win. Well he wanted Kenny gone, that's why he flipped in the first place. Plus he wanted to prove his loyalty to his new alliance (even if that loyalty is only temporary to him).He only has a few minutes to pick someone to take off the block. The Sloppy Seconds do the Adel Happy Dance in the bathroom. Arlie takes Rachelle off the block. Neda puts up Kenny.

No surprise here...Kenny is evicted. However, Rachelle voted to evict Sabrina. does she intend to lie to Sabrina and blame, oh I don't know, maybe Arlie? Was it a sympathy vote for Kenny? OR has Rachelle had enough of Sabrina and her constant BS? If the later is true, the house and the live-feeders are in for one hell of a treat next week with a complete Sabrina meltdown. Sabrina might even self-evict. What do you think?

The HOH Comp for week 7 is called This is How We Roll. They have to get 6 balls into an indent by gentle manoeuvering a platform back and forth. This comp won't be determined until later tonight for those watching the live feeds, or Sunday for those who just watch the aired episodes.

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