Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Bachelor Canada..."Big" Announcement

The Bachelor Canada teased on their Facebook page that a big announcement will be made next week. Gee, I wonder what that could be?

Looks like they finally found the perfect Mr. Perfect to be Canada's next Bachelor. Let's hope they aren't going for the douche-nozzle type like Juan Pablo this year. Any guy who is even half good looking will do...just as long as he can form a complete sentence, and at least a glimmer of sincerity in making the "journey" to find true love.

You have to admit that the show will have an uphill climb in the care factor after the massive failure that was Juan Pablo and the recent break-up of Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber.

Stay tuned to Breakfast Television next week. That's where they first introduced Brad Smith as Canada's first Bachelor two years ago.

Update April 13: Tyler Harcott teased he was on his way to Toronto and that he was having cocktails with Canada's next Bachelor.
Update April 14: The reveal will be announced this Thursday April 17 on CityTV's Breakfast Television. Go to for a teaser pic and facts about the guy.

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