Sunday, 13 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode !8 HoH and Nominations Week 7

Continuing from Thursday's double elimination, Jon wins the Head of Household competition.

Neda is very happy that she and Jon won back to back HoHs. Arlie said that's why you take in the rejects, you don't get rid of them, it makes no sense.

Meanwhile Sabrina's heart is broken. Arlie thinks yes she does look like an idiot, but he's going to pump her tires a bit. Tell her what she wants to hear and stay on her good side.

Jon gets his HoH room. Plus booze. His letter is from his dad. He cries like a baby.

The Gremlins decide to offer their undying support, and do his biding for the rest of time. Or something like that. They will do his dirty work and take out Arlie. Jon considers it - after all, this is the Big Brother house and things can change at the drop of a dime. The Gremlins rejoice.

The competition for the Have Nots is a Beer Pong Frat Party. Giant size. They are divided into 2 teams. The winners get a frat party. It comes down to Sabrina for the blue team vs Rachelle for the red team, and believe it or not Sabrina actually wins. Arlie, Heather, Rachelle and Neda are on slop. Jon, Allison, Adel and Sabrina get a frat party.

Jon spills the beans about the condiments being dumped - not telling the HGs it was actually Neda. She looks pissed so he tells everyone that it was Neda. Jon tries to apaologize to Neda.

Jon and Arlie agree on an alliance...a back-up plan. In reality, neither trusts the other. Good idea. neda thinks Rachelle could be good for her game, so they talk.  Heather knows she is at the bottom of the totem pole.

The Gremlins try again with Jon. Sabrina says Rachelle is great at endurance and they will do his dirty work. She tells him they are coming after him next week, and if you don't believe it, you're stupid.

At the nomination ceremony, Jon puts Rachelle and Sabrina on the block. Canada rejoices. But don't get your hopes up.

Arisa has announced that the next fan meter goal is now running. She promises it will be a big one. The meter must hit 20 million to unlock a strategy session with Jillian and Emmett for one house guest. Meh. Seems like a way for those two to get some airtime. Also the waste of that fan meter.

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