Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 22 Week 8 POV

We left off in the last episode with Adel's Nomination speech. Remember the one with all the pointing? Pointing at Sabrina, then Rachelle and then the front door...apparently nobody knew who Sabrina and Rachelle were or where the stairs and front door were.

Sabrina and Rachelle go to the pantry, get pissed off and make fun of Adel's speech. Adel thinks his strategy is genius. I think Arlie either advised him wrong on purpose or Adel took Arlie's suggestions the wrong way. Sabrina has a hissy fit. She wants to ____ ____ his____ ____. Well...what she wants is to be personally responsible for getting Adel evicted next week. She tells Rachelle that IF Adel was Canada's player, then he just exposed himself as the ____ of ____ he really is. I never thought I would say this, but Sabrina is actually right this time. Meanwhile Adel explains his strategy in the DR, then yells "wake up Canada". Geez I wish he'd stop this whole Canada's player crap.

There is a short montage of how Neda and Jon annoy each other. Jon's farting bugs Neda. Jon complains about how Neda eats or rather doesn't eat. She doesn't know how to cut meat and she eats little wee bites of food. You know who else wouldn't know how to do the simple things like that? Yep. An android. Androids have no knowledge of human customs. In fact, androids find everything humans do "sketchy". Have you ever noticed how often Neda says "sketchy"?

POV Comp is called STAMP-Pete, hosted by Peter Brown. If Peter can get his eyes off Rachelle for a moment, he will read the postcard of an evicted HG. They have to find 4 puzzle pieces that make up the post card from that person.

Round One: was a postcard from Ika. Jon is the last to put it together and is eliminated.
Round Two: was from Andrew. Adel throws it because he doesn't want to be a threat. (He just stands there. That doesn't prove he's not a threat. Just proves he threw it.)
Round Three: was from Kenny. Rachelle is eliminated.
Round Four: was from Paul. Sabrina is eliminated. Only Heather and Neda remain.

Round Five: was from Sarah. Heather throws it,  and Neda wins.

Neda, Jon and Heather rejoice. Jon picks up Neda in one arm and heather in the other and does a little twirl. Sabrina has another hissy fit. The Gremlins are devastated because one of them are headed to the Jury House to spend the next two weeks with Arlie and Allison. There are no more twists to save them.

Neda gets a letter in the Diary Room. It's a prize for winning the POV. She gets a two-on-one with Emmett and Jillian in the War Room. Neda is very excited. Wait, it's not what I thought. It's just a strategy session. No biggie, but The Milkman brought milk and cookies. Of course, Neda doesn't have any due to the fact that she has no need of human sustenance. She IS an android. Maybe a robot. Well one of those cybernetic electronic things. No human is that skinny. Eat ,Neda, EAT something. Geez. Anyway, here is what they talked about:

  • Neda identified Jon as her closest ally.
  • The more u win the more u have to win.
  • Taking Heather to F2.
  • Have Heather, Adel or Sabrina take Jon out.
  • She played a good game to get this far, but will need a better one to win.
  • Tell the person who will be evicted they will probably be leaving, because they appreciate and respect the truth. Make sure even your goodbye message is good. It's the last opinion they will have of you before going to the Jury House.
  • To win, you have to adapt to each situation.

Now, do you see how ridiculous Adel's strategy is? Being mean to the people you think are headed to the Jury House. Adel is playing to win second place? Nonsense. Nobody plays for second. Ever. He is depending on the argument to the jury that it was his strategy to be mean. Nope. That isn't going to work.

An Easter bunny from 1952 arrives a few days late and leaves his baskets for the HGs. There is an Easter Egg Hunt. The HG with the most eggs wins a reward, the one with the least gets a punishment. Jon wins and gets to make a wish list of 5 consumable items. Neda loses and is put on slop. Which is fine by her because she doesn't need food. Besides, she says parents shouldn't lie to their kids about the Easter Bunny.

At the Veto Ceremony, Neda decides not to use the veto. Shocker. Rachelle says she is not ready to leave yet. Too bad she hasn't even tried to stay. Adel thinks he did such a good job as HoH in destroying the Gremlins. Too bad he couldn't see the bigger threat.

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