Monday, 7 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 15 Week 6 HoH and Nominations

We pick up from last Thursday, halfway through the "Blind Side" comp for the new HoH.

Kenny answered correctly and takes out Adel
Neda takes out Kenny
Heather takes out Sabrina
Jon takes out Allison
Jon takes out Rachelle
Jon takes out Sarah
Arlie answers incorrectly and is eliminated (he threw it again)
Heather takes out Jon
Heather takes out Neda

In a complete blind-side, Heather wins HoH. Looks like a lot of people underestimated Heather. Heather and Adel meet up in the bathroom and do the happy dance to celebrate a win by the good guys. Heather wants to back door Kenny, but Adel has gotten a little cocky and convinces her to put Kenny up straight up. Bad, bad, bad decision.

Heather gets her HoH room. My first thought is, who is going to be the first to go and kiss Heather's ass? Like Heather says, she can see them (Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle and of course Sabrina) rolling their eyes in the mirror when her back is turned. In reality, Sabrina gives Heather the most sinister side glances imaginable. Scary.

Heather puts Rachelle, Kenny and Sarah. Sarah volunteers because she has a slop pass and doesn't want Sabrina to go without food...because Sabrina without food is like a walker on The Walking Dead. She'll go right for the jugular. How commendable of Sarah taking one for the team like that. Plus she'll get to spend time with her new bgff(best gay friend forever) in the Half Not room, because apparently Sarah thinks he needs constant attention.

BB tells the HGs they have 15 minutes to pack their bags. They assume it's an instant eviction. Chaos ensues. Sabrina says to one of her allies the plan is to vote Rachelle out over Kenny. Oopsie. Guess who heard that?

It's not an instant eviction. You see it was raining out that day and the kids needed a rainy day activity before they start fighting for Mumsy's attention.They are divided into pairs and must make a puppet of the other person. It's like some kind of bizzaro group therapy exercise. They must talk to each other in the character of their puppet. Sabrina uses this opportunity to tell Rachelle that if Rachelle and Kenny are on the block together, she will have to vote out Rachelle. Even though Sabrina swore on her head to explode that 100 billion percent she loves Rachelle and would never vote her out. I am still waiting for her head to explode. Rachelle looks pissed. Or maybe she was just a bit confused that the sock puppet knew so much.

Every time each HG spoke out of character, an item was taken out of their luggage. Sabrina had the most items taken away...21.

Kenny gives his best plea to Heather to not put him up for eviction. When Heather asks who he thinks she should put up, he suggests Jon. Heather is really enjoying how everyone is now kissing her ass. Then Kenny goes to Jon and wants to mend some fences, but Jon remembers last week when he went to Kenny under the same circumstances. Needless to ain't happening, Kenny.

BB calls everyone to the living room. Someone ate something while a Have Not. Oh oh. Yep it was the ditz Rachelle, who accidentally ate one of Heather's Fuzzy know,...accidentally. It was a complete accident that her hand went in the jar, pulled out the candy than popped it in her mouth. Completely understandable. You don't pay attention to your hand for a few minutes and it will shove food in your mouth. Happened to me yesterday with the cake. So now everyone is on slop and cold water for 48 hours. Here we go. Sabrina cries at the thought of no food for 2 days and everyone fears for their lives. They may have to make a rudimentary crossbow to put her down.

Sabrina ceases an opportunity to poison Allison's mind. Meanwhile, Rachelle follows Heather around like a puppy. I think this was her shallow attempt at pretending to be Heather's new friend. This is the most I have heard Rachelle talk in the last couple of weeks since she became Sabrina's lap dog. Heather strings her along, loving every awkward minute. Rachelle states the obvious: if she is put up as a pawn, there is a chance she may go home. Genius. Of course Rachelle is telling Heather this? Rachelle? The same Rachelle who put Heather up as pawn next to Ika? Without telling Heather beforehand?

Heather tells Allison she will be nominating her as pawn. This was the truth. Heather also tells Rachelle she will be nominated as a pawn. This was just Heather handing out her own brand of justice...making Rachelle sweat on it overnight for getting everyone punished and ruining her HoH.

Nomination time. Kenny and Allison are nominated. Then friend and foe alike all hug each other. Isn't that nice?

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