Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 13: POV Comp & Ceremony - The Nose-Pickers Get a Thumbs Down from Canada

The nominations sent a clear message to Andrew and Sabrina that Canada thinks they are scum.

Message received.

Andrew thinks his country doesn't like him. Sabrina asks Andrew and Sarah, "Do I look like a bitch?"...Sarah reveals in the DR that yes, she does.

Game time. Big Brother appoints Sarah an officer for the Manners Police. She goes around ticketing people for all their indiscretions. When she is done, montages of Arlie running around naked, Andrew picking his nose and Jon grabbing his junk are shown. I was waiting for the part where Arlie tried to dye his balls by dunking them in a cup of cranberry juice, but unfortunately they didn't show it. These three are given Shame shirts:

Arlie's shirt says...I expose myself inappropriately
Andrew....I pick my nose
Jon...I touch myself in my bathing suit area
Arlie, Andrew and Jon have to apologize to Canada in the DR.

POV players are picked: Andrew, Sabrina, Jon, Heather, Neda and Adel. Arlie is the host. Jon is ecstatic because he knows the 4 people picked to play will keep the nominations the same if they win.

Now you would think that Andrew would have gotten the message that Canada thinks he is scum , but no. He harasses Heather for picking Adel and not Kenny like he asked. Big guy like that trying to muscle a small woman. He calls her a bitch when he doesn't get his way. Classy. He wonders why Canada doesn't like him.

POV Comp...BB Airlines. They have to find three lost items by answering word puzzles. Jon is first and puts in a good effort. Adel and Heather just can't handle the riddles. Same with Neda. Of course these three just didn't care because Jon got all the riddles. Sabrina tries but doesn't get it. She cries. Of course. Andrew is last. He gets the first two riddles but misses the third. Excellent. Jon wins the POV.

Allison is sad. She equates the possibility of Andrew leaving to impending doom.

Jon and Arlie talk., solidifying their alliance. Meanwhile, Andrew is heartbroken...wah, wah. He resigns himself to the fact that he will be evicted. Like a dog crawling off into a corner with his tail between his legs. I felt sorry for him. Ah, no.

Jon gets his camera time contemplating using his Veto. Then the ceremony. He decides not to use the POV, explaining that this was Canada's nomination, and he is going to respect that. The First 5 is devastated. Who WILL they choose to vote out. The back-stabbing bi-polar lying bitch nose-picker OR the scumbag semi misogynist douche-nozzle nose-picker. Tough choice, I know. But for sure I find it Sofa King awesome!!! 

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