Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 19 Week 7 POV

So the Gremlins are on the block, and we all rejoice at the thought of seeing either one of the get booted out of the door. Sabrina is upset that Jon didn't take up her offer for the Gremlins being his gremlin bitches.

The players for the PoV are Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda, Arlie, and Allison. Adel pulls out his PoV comp card and takes Allison's place in the comp. Allison is pissed. It shows her she is at the bottom of the Sloppy Seconds alliance.

Neda wants Arlie gone next week because, well basically Arlie is too close to Jon. Jon's not on the same page until Neda convinces him that when you have a chance to get rid of a strong player, you take it.

Marsha has a three part mission for Adel. He must get one of the girls to go on a date, one person to cry and one to work out with him. He only has an hour, or the HGs will be punished. Meanwhile the others are called into the storage room and told about Adel's mission - and then told that they must make sure Adel FAILS. He tries to ask Sabrina on a date and is turned down. He asks Jon to work out, and Jon puts him off. He can't make Sabrina cry...for a change. Allison turns down a date. Marsha scolds him for failing and he gets genuinely pissed off at her, and takes a frame off the wall to threaten her with it. He meant it too....he definitely wasn't joking. Shame, shame Adel. You mustn't talk to Marsha like that. I thought you were calling yourself Canada's player! Marsha's reply was "Game on bitch!!!" Adel leaves and tells everyone they will get a punishment. Then Jon tells him that it was all a trick. The reward is a nice dinner while being handcuffed to each other. They must feed each other. Poor Adel gets Sabrina. I guess that was his punishment for talking to Marsha like that.

The PoV comp includes a trip reward from Ramada. They have to find 10 Ramada destination t-shirts, and toss them in a suitcase. Jon wins the PoV. He is leaning towards using it. Of course, they make it look like it was Sabrina's doing. It wasn't. At this point, Jon was planning on putting Allison up as a replacement.

Heather talks Jon out of it, with Neda's encouragement. The new plan is to backdoor Arlie. They think they are so smart, but only because they don't know about Allison and her Red Veto.

At the PoV Ceremony, Jon decides to take Rachelle off the block. Sabrina doesn't look very happy because she thought Jon would save her, not her bff Rachelle. He replaces her with Arlie. Arlie says "Big Move". Shocker number one. But wait for it...

Allison stands up and pulls the Red Veto out from the back of her pants. (Jon later says in the live feeds that she had a red veto up her ass!!!) She says "Actually, I found this." Then she takes Sabrina off the block. Jon puts Adel up. Before you get too mad at Jon, you have to remember that Adel previously volunteered to be put up as a pawn and Jon was very much on the spot. Or you can think of it as Karma for threatening Marsha with a picture frame. I mean, who does that, really?

Everyone is in a state of shock. Sabrina asks Allison if she did this because of Andrew. Yeah right Sabrina, that's why she did it. Allison corrects her promptly, and tells her she did it because of ... game. The fact is, she wanted to expose Jpn's game - to show his hand and see where she fit in the Sloppy Seconds hierarchy. Which is now a one-hit wonder. All done. Well played, Allison, well played.

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