Thursday, 17 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 20 Week 7 Eviction Plus Where Did Neda Go?

So Allison had just pulled that Red Veto out of her butt, turning the entire house upside down. This, just after Arlie's realization that he was getting backdoored. She removed Sabrina from the block, forcing Jon to name Adel as the replacement nominee. Sabrina was stunned, but still not speechless. She asked Allison if it was for Andrew. Let me point out that Sabrina has been riding Allison's ass ever since Andrew was evicted - reminding Allison that Andrew was watching from home and he was judging her. Such a charming woman. Allison quickly corrected Sabrina by explaining she did it for "game."

Everyone wants to know how Allison got this PoV, especially Neda. Allison convinces Neda that she is still on her side, but neda vows to get rid of Allison at the first opportunity she gets.

Arlie intends to maintain his composure. Jon knows that everything that Arlie says for the next few days will be strategy. Adel feels secure thgat he is not going anywhere. The gremlins rejoice...they have dodged a bullet again.

Arlie makes a case with the Gremlins and then Allison, that it would be wise to vote out Adel. In reality, he was correct. The four of them would have the majority in the house. (from the live feeds: for two days, it really looked like Arlie was going to stay). Meanwhile Jon and Neda see the danger if the Gremlins and Allison align with Arlie.

There was a montage of funny moments, including Arlie getting his ass kissed and Rachelle peeing in the hot tub. I was surprised they showed that second one. Shame, shame Rachelle. I mean what were you thinking? The worse part of that was that When Sabrina and Rachelle were done in the hot tub, poor unsuspecting Adel got in it. It's nice to see that they outed the dirty girl.

The Have Nots were given a task - they have one hour to create a restaurant quality dish that will elevate slop. The others are the judge and get a meal cooked by two of the contestants from Top Chef Canada. Neda and Heather win.

Adel talks to Allison about targeting Jon. Neda and Jon talk to Allison (it was a conversation that lasted close to 3 hours) and in the end, they form a four way alliance - Neda, Jon, Allison and Heather. This was after Allison and the Gremlins promised Arlie they would vote to evict Adel. To add more confusion, in the live feeds, Jon and Neda formed a final 5 alliance with Heather, Allison and the Gremlins.

The "live" pre-taped eviction begins. Arlie and Adel give their pleas, but in the end it was Arlie that was evicted by a vote of 5 to 0. When Arlie talks to Arisa, he says that Jon really screwed his game up. He tried honesty to explain his playing both sides and then flipping. Everyone's good-bye messages were heartwarming...except Neda's of course. She explains that Arlie helped her get rid of the big players in the house but now she just doesn't have any more use for him. She comes off as a bitch. Nice edit. Arlie becomes the first member of the Jury.

The comp for the next Head of Household is based on a trunk full of fake documents and heritage artifacts that explain their characters. They have to answer True or False. It comes down to Allison and Neda.The tiebreaker is how many acorns were in the backyard during Nuts to That. Neda is closest without going over. and is the next HoH.

The next Twistos Twist is that Canada will be seventh jury vote. No biggie there if you do the math. There are seven members in the jury, plus the two finalists means 8 HGs. Arlie is the first jury member and there are only 7 HGs left. So this news comes as no surprise. What is news is that next week is another double eviction.

One more surprise. The live feeds returned at the same time as the Side Show revealed that Neda was in the War Room! Not sure how she got there. Was it part of an HoH reward or maybe a Pandora's Box...and is she the one who will also get the special strategy session with Jillian and Emmett? Don't know yet. This could be good for her game OR it can also really screw up her game. Big time.

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