Monday, 14 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Red Veto...Played.

*** Spoilers from the Live Feeds ***

First a bit of background. Late Sunday night, BB gave the house guests some booze, which always guarantees some action one way or another. This time, Allison got plastered and passed out. But not before she went on a drunken rant that this game was not for her, that she knew she was getting backdoored, blah, blah, blah. This gets Neda and Heather thinking....perhaps we weren't thinking correctly on this and we should be getting rid of Arlie, who's been making final 2 deals with everybody in the house. Neda and heather try to wake Allison up to talk to her before the POV ceremony today. They keep telling her they have a plan. They also talk to Jon, and he's all on board with the new plan.

Here's what happened at the PoV Ceremony Monday:

Jon takes Rachelle off the block and nominates Arlie as the replacement. Allison stands up and pulls her Red Veto out from the back of her pants, and saves Sabrina. Jon had to think fast, and knowing that Adel had previously volunteered to go up as pawn, nominated Adel as the replacement.

Can't wait for the Da Da Duh moment on Wednesday's episode.

When the feeds returned, Neda, Jon, Heather and Allison were in the HoH room, talking it all out. Allison was very careful in explaining the history behind the Red Veto, and told them it was burning a hole in her ass. She had to use it, or risk carrying it around in her pants for the rest of the game. Jon, Neda and Heather were dumbfounded, and not looking very happy about it. Even though it saves Jon's ass in the Arlie nomination. They should also consider that the Gremlins will now think they are safe and how beneficial that would be. Adel comes in and tells Jon he completely understands. He also wants to know if the plans next week are to get rid of the Gremlins, and everyone tells him yes...almost in unison.

Meanwhile Arlie has isolated himself in the main bedroom, thinking silently to himself for a change. He later re-emerges and tells everyone he is still going to be social. He starts spilling all his game play to date, looking like he has resigned himself to going home. It's just the opposite...he has not stopped playing.

Here's the situation: it is Neda, Heather, Allison and the Gremlins who will be voting. It will take a vote of 3 to 2 to evict. Don't be too confident that Adel is just a pawn in this. He is just as much of a threat to everyone as Arlie is, maybe more so. Let me put it this way. If you were in the final two, who would you rather be there with - Arlie or Adel?

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