Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 16 POV Ceremony + Secret POV

So Allison and Kenny were nominated for eviction. But Kenny is determined to push back. Jon wants to get Allison over to their side of the house. Sarah is now trying to work both sides with Arlie, or so she thinks. Allison knows that Heather is keeping secrets behind her nomination. At this point, she doesn't know that Arlie is working both sides.

Here's the thing, all week Sabrina has been trying to weaponize Andrew with Allison - mentioning to Allison that Andrew is at home watching and judging her. Saying things like ...what do you think Andrew would say.

Players for PoV comp is Heather, Kenny, Allison, Arlie,Sabrina, Rachelle. Jon is the host. The theme is Yukon Gold. Some guy from History Television's Yukon Gold does an intro. They have to pan for letters and form the longest word - like Scrabble. Just one problem. There seems to be a severe lack of vowels.

Allison spells cry
Rachelle...    crest
Neda...   shocks
Arlie...  farting
Kenny... shocking
Heather... wishfull...(not only did she spell it wrong, but she also had a Y and could have won with wishfully)

Kenny wins. Allison hopes that something comes up in the next few days to save her. Hmmm...I think either Big Brother angels are listening, or they have done some fancy editing here (keep reading to find out what I mean). Meanwhile, Sarah is scared that she will be the replacement nominee. Kenny tries to talk to Heather about nominating Jon instead of Sarah, and even promising Heather 2 weeks safety in exchange.

Suddenly there are flowers upstairs. Neda checks them out but doesn't see what Allison saw. There was a clue which sends her on a scavenger hunt: it says make a splash...she goes to the pool and finds a clue in a puck. This clue tells her to go to somewhere hot that is cold. The hot tub. The third clue hints that she must get into the secret War Room. Read it like a book, 1 to 3, turn it right then back again. She goes to the red wall and starts turning the white slats.

She's back. In the War Room. Arisa greets the lucky house guest with a final clue... blah blah blah...tap 3 times. She gets it. It's a red POV, good for 3 evictions and can be used after the regular POV. Of course, if she tells anyone she will be instantly evicted.

Arlie goes to Kenny and tries to suggest that Sabrina might flip in the vote. What Arlie doesn't know is that Kenny already suspects Arlie has flipped and might blame Sabrina. Sarah knows this, but thinks she is safe with Arlie. None of them know how many people are involved in the other alliance...yet. Kenny, Sarah. Sabrina. Rachelle think that they have the numbers this week,  assuming Arlie and Allison are with them. Arlie is still keeping up the facade.

POV Ceremony. Kenny saves himself. Allison wonders about using her Secret POV. Heather nominates Sarah as replacement. Allison decides to let it ride, knowing that if she gets voted out while possessing the Secret POV she will be the biggest idiot in Big Brother history.

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