Friday, 4 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 6 New HoH Heather & The Fallout

From the Live feeds Thursday night after Andrew's eviction:

Heather won the Blind Side Comp...."blind side" how ironic is that? It certainly blind-sided the First 5 minus 1. They are scrambling. They know they are done for now - they will be targeted again this week. They also realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to treat Heather like crap since the game started.

Heather got her HoH room right after the comp...and everyone was up there when the live feeds returned after the show. Unusual because the new HoH gets their room the next day. This set off a round of speculation that maybe this will be an instant eviction. Everyone was acting all nice nice, being Heather's best friend. Everyone but Sabrina, who was giving Heather the absolute worst side-glances. Gee Sabrina, I wonder what was going through your mind?

Arlie, Jon, Neda, and Adel were in very high spirits. I imagine Adel was very relieved that he doesn't have to worry that the truth about his Veto power will come out.

Sarah immediately came down with a migraine. When Sabrina asked if Sarah was mad at her (Sabrina being her usual paranoid self), Sarah and Arlie let Sabrina know that maybe it wasn't the time to make everything that happens revolve around her. This resulted in a half hour discussion between Arlie and Sabrina. Good God.

Both Sabrina and Rachelle took turns questioning Heather about her nomination choices. Heather told Sabrina she is safe, and then told Rachelle that she will have to consider things overnight, but she was pretty sure that Rachelle wasn't her target. However, if Heather decides to put Rachelle up as a pawn, she will let her know beforehand.

The longest convo of the night goes to Sabrina and Allison. They concluded that Heather's nominations will be kenny and Rachelle - with Kenny being the target and Rachelle the pawn. This is probably true if we can believe the info that Arlie passed on to Heather Wednesday night is their plan.

Here's the problem for Sabrina and Allison. Sabrina has a pact with Kenny, but her best friend is Rachelle. How can she vote for either of them. Nope, that just won't do for Sabrina. So she makes Allison promise to go talk to Heather and suggest to her that she shouldn't put up a weak player like Rachelle against her "target" (she is not to mention Kenny's name). Sabrina tries to get Allison to suggest Sarah to Heather. Allison doesn't think Heather will go for Mumsy. Sabrina then suggests that she herself (Sabrina...yes you heard that right) goes up. Allison has a problem with that, because she also has a pact with Kenny, and she doesn't want to vote for Sabrina. Now you may ask yourself why all of a sudden, any promises or pacts make a difference. Because of Jury...and every vote will count.

So watch for Sabrina to go into full, all-out game mode in the next couple of days. Looks like she's going to be spinning another snot web of deceit. This just keeps on getting better and better.

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