Saturday, 19 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Weekend Update for Week 8: Neda is in the War Room!

Thursday night's episode of Side Show gave us a peak of Neda getting called into the DR after her HoH win, and then being led into the War Room blind-folded. We were also told there would be a
double eviction this week, the first of which being an instant eviction.

That Instant Eviction happened Friday afternoon. I think it's safe to assume that whoever was voted out is already in the Jury House with Arlie.

The live feeds went down Friday afternoon, and will not return until after Sunday night's show. Here's what happened in both the War Room and the rest of the house before they went to Hush Hush.

  • On Thursday night, everyone speculates on where Neda is. They reveal that they heard a scream earlier, and suspect that she is still in the house somewhere, possibly in a secret room. Jon and Allison say she is in the walls. They also know that Kenny once tried out the wall that concealed the door to the War Room.
  • Sabrina and Rachelle with Allison in tow, check out the wall, trying to listen.
  • Neda can watch the others' on the TV screens, but cannot hear them. She can hear them through the door. (production removed the sound insulation and the fake wall inside the War Room that hid the door).
  • Jon purposely and noticeably talks louder, hoping that Neda can hear.
  • Jon is upset that Neda is "gone", and gets up several times during the first night
  • On Friday morning, Neda watches Allison get ready for the day. She says Allison looks sketchy even when she's doing her hair. She asks if Allison is even human, then refers to her as a robot.
  • In the kitchen, (I don't know if Neda could hear) Sabrina repeats her position on lying: that lying about strategy while inside the house is acceptable gameplay. Lying about personal traits, or making personal attacks about someone is not acceptable. 
  • Neda listens at the door to the others who are gathered on the couches in the living room.  They talk about the Jon/Neda relationship. Neda asks herself why are they still talking about this? She then realizes it is always Sabrina and Rachelle who bring this topic up.
  • Sabina and Rachelle continues on the alliance between Neda and Jon. They point out that if Neda brings Jon to the Final 2, she would not win, "because 1000% Jon would win over anyone else." Neda takes note of this and wonders why the Gremlins are saying this now and in front of all the others. (Neda knew that the Gremlins thought she could hear her, and that it was clear they were trying to send a message to her)
  • Neda used the bobbleheads a bit. At one point, she placed the Heather and Sabrina bobbleheads off to the side, then put Allison in front of Sabrina. I am presuming that she thought Heather was a pawn to force the vote towards either Sabrina or Allison.

So who did Neda vote out? At first she considered backdooring someone, but I think she must have realized that when she is released, there would be an instant eviction.She has watched several seasons of Big Brother. Another thing to consider is that the vote is out of 4, and if there is a tie, she is the tiebreaker. That is not the best thing to happen when the evictee is a member of the jury.

She has several targets: 

Allison. Neda hates Allison and finds her sketchy. She may even suspect that Allison spent time in the War Room before entering the house. However, she also knows that Allison can be easily swayed.

Adel. He is on Neda's hit list. Adel has a problem with keeping his mouth shut. Neda has even convinced Heather that Adel needs to go. The HG's suspect Canada will have a vote in the Jury, and Adel won the Buzzworthy challenge - which tells Neda he is popular. In addition, Adel was the benefactor of an all-nighter with Arlie, who gave Adel all kinds of game strategy.

The Gremlins. Pairs, whether a showmance or just a tight friendship are a big threat in this game. While in the War Room, Neda has taken note of the things these two have said. She may decide that if she takes out Sabrina, Rachelle would be next to helpless. She could actually work with her - get Rachelle to do her dirty work for her. Here's one more thing to consider: being the person responsible for removing Sabrina from the game once and for all will garner a lot of jury votes. But who knows. Maybe Arlie won't be happy having to spend 3 more weeks with this woman in the jury house.

So it just depends if Neda will base her decision on logic or if she reacts to emotion.

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