Saturday, 19 April 2014

Light Those Candles and For God Sakes, Someone Hose Down That Driveway!

Well, what do you think?

Here's what you need to know. He's 28. That's it really. Oh and his name is Tim Warmels.

Okay. If you really must know all that other stuff, here it is.

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hometown: Campbellville, Ontario
Currently living: Toronto
Occupation: Entrepreneur
"Born and raised in the small countryside town of Campbellville, ON, the 28-year-old entrepreneur is as handy with a horse as he is with a hockey stick. Having grown up working on ranches and farms, Tim is a down-to-earth, all-Canadian guy who isn’t afraid to work hard and get his hands dirty. A natural athlete, Tim also enjoys sports such as hockey, sailing, and scuba diving.
A highly motivated student with a keen mind, Tim was accepted into Canada’s top business program – the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating with honours, he moved to Toronto and proved himself as an investment banker on Bay Street. Tim is now a successful entrepreneur with a number of tech ventures and his own boutique contracting business." (from

But who cares, right? Just look at those eyes, that hair, that face!

You just know the producers are loving this guy. Not only is he extremely good looking, young
and photogenic, but he can actually form complete sentences...unlike the humongous fail that was Juan Pablo in the last season south of the border. I mean, I am still asking what were Mike Fleiss and his minions thinking? Geesh. Anyway, Tim looks pretty good. I can see his introductory montage for the series premiere now: playing hockey; some scuba diving; riding bare-chested atop a mighty steed; walking along a beach, hair blowing in the wind; wearing a construction helmet and plaid shirt - probably red, renovating his house in Toronto and showing us how well he can use his hammer. Wiping the dirt and sweat from his brow. You know, all that everyday, "I'm just a regular guy" stuff. 

Lighting the lights and wetting the driveway.
Filming began yesterday, on Good Friday of all days. The producers teased us with several pics yesterday of the exterior of the Bachelor Mansion, getting prepped for the big night. You know...fairy lights in the trees and lighting a million strategically placed candles. Oh oh. It looks like someone didn't measure the correct distance between those candles there in the foreground. And let's not forget the essential hosing-down of the driveway so it shimmers in that just right magical way with the light. Or for some unsuspecting Bachelorette to slip on with her stripper heels. I just want to know who has the job of making sure the interlocking bricks are evenly watered down? It's all in the details, you know. I hope someone fixed that candle placement or else Tim might not fall madly in love-at-first-sight with one of them. Or several.  Even though the second season won't air until the fall, the hype has already begun. Check out the HELLO! CANADA cover  Or the official Twitter account. Yeah, here we go..."Most dramatic Bachelor Canada Rose Ceremony ever" OR "Sexiest Bachelor Canada ever". Please. On the first night? Gee, seeing as how Tim is only the second Canadian Bachelor, that kind of sounds like a kick in the teeth to poor Brad Smith.

Spoiler Update: It looks like this season has turned into a road show right from the get go. The entire cast was whisked off to Los Cabos, Mexico. They are now in the Bahamas.

If you have any sightings you'd like to share, or have any questions please feel free to email me.

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