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Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Episode 21 Week 8 Instant Eviction

After Neda wins HoH, she is called to the DR. There she is led, blindfolded to the War Room and sequestered there. She is astonished at the room. And by astonished, I mean overly dramatic, with lots of Oh my God!s WHAT?s and What is happening?s There are TVs for her to watch the others, but no sound. The bobbleheads of the 7 remaining house guests are sitting on the table.Allison had been before she entered the house.

Nobody knows what happened to Neda - at first. But soon they understand that something "unexpected" is up. Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison quickly come to the realization they made a huge mistake sending Arlie home. No shit. You realize this now? Shoulda, coulda, woulda...things are always clearer in hindsight.

Arisa talks to Neda and tells her she has 5 minutes to nominate 2 people. She considers the gremlins, but in the end, she picks Sabrina and Allison. It's funny listening to people trying to justify their choices in this game. She previously said that Allison should trust their F4 alliance, then she turns around and says she has always thought that alliances mean nothing to her.

They make it seem like she was in the War Room for about an hour - in reality, she went in Thursday night and stayed until the feeds went down on Friday at about 2:30 P.M. In other words, she had lots of time to think about what was happening and why she was put in there. I doubt if Arisa had to tell her it was going to be an instant eviction. Her nominations certainly weren't as spontaneous as they made it out to be.

Arisa then tells the other HGs about the instant eviction. Neda is told not to mention the secret room and not to speak to anyone until the nomination speech. When she nominates Sabrina and Allison, she makes it clear that Allison is her target and Sabrina is the pawn. She explains that she found proof that Allison cannot be trusted. It was a lie to make everyone believe Allison was the best choice to evict. Everyone is warned not to speak otherwise they will find themselves on the block. The vote is 4 to 0 and Allison is evicted. No studio audience. No one to cheer or even boo her. Probably for the best. She is off to the jury house with Arlie. I just hope he has his clothes on when she walks in on him.

The HoH comp is called The Eyes Have It. There are 5 clues for picking houseguests' pictures which must be put on the board in order. When they think they have the board right, they drop a ball down the back of the board. If they are correct, the ball will run all the way down to the bottom. If a picture is wrong, it will block the ball from dropping. Adel skips the clues and tries to place the pictures in the proper order. It's a hit or miss technique, but it exposes the flaw in the game. He wins Head of Household. Go figure.

Adel wastes no time whatsoever in letting the Gremlins know they will be going up on the block. Sabrina immediately goes into another meltdown. Oh joy. Adel shows off his first HoH room and the Gremlins eventually show up acting like they were on their way to the gallows. They say as soon as he reads that stupid letter, we leave. Adel reads his letter from his sister who advises him to always show respect to other people. The gremlins leave. Then another Sabrina meltdown. "I feel so stupid." Wah. "This person (Adel) has been so awful to me."

All the house guests are treated to a Passover meal and Rachelle gives her best attempt at explaining the feast. "We all get together and explain what Passover is." Okay, thanks Rachelle for clearing that up for us.

Adel gets together with what he thinks is his alliance - Jon, Neda and Heather. I say that
because he is the fourth member of that alliance. He wants Sabrina out, but Neda has other plans. She quickly chimes in that Adel is basing his nominations on emotion. Had to laugh because her nominating Allison was a purely emotional play on her part. Jon and Neda convince Adel to target Rachelle because she is supposedly a more physical threat. Rachelle won one physical challenge that was kind of questionable and we keep hearing that she is a huge endurance threat. If that was true, then why didn't Neda get rid of her in the instant eviction when she had the chance?

I have to say that I have not been a fan of Adel's, BUT what happens next was the best and most gratifying nomination ceremony of the season. Of course he nominated Sabrina and Rachelle:

Adel, "I have nominated you Sabrina (pointing at her) for eviction because you have been a thorn in my side since day 3 and bashed my religion" Then, "I have nominated you Rachelle (pointing at Rachelle) because you are a mere shadow of Sabrina and I don't even know what you are doing in this game. I cannot wait til you take the walk of shame (pointing up the stairs and holding it for dramatic effect for a very extended period of time). It was priceless.

The last scene of the night is Sabrina absolutely flipping out in the Diary Room. Could this be the week we finally get rid of one of these Gremlins? Or does Adel have bigger plans? He says later that he knows Sabrina didn't bash his religion, but the speech was necessary for his plan. Hmmm. I wonder if he is going to follow Arlie's advice. After all the two of them talked strategy the entire night before Arlie's eviction.

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