Sunday, 27 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Episode 24 HoH and Nominations

The "On the Ropes" Head of Household competition continues. They have to negotiate through the rope grid, untangling the rope that is attached to their waists. Every time they have
to untangle it from underneath, they have to go for a dip in the cold water. Each of them reflect on the fact that they are "on the ropes" - equating the comp to their position in this game. Sabrina says she is on the ropes - working at a disadvantage because she has a big butt. Even Adel, who as the out-going HoH isn't competing in this comp, says some gibber jabber about being on the ropes right now. It's basically down to Jon and Heather. Heather proves she is a beast in comps, but it's Jon who wins it in the end.

Jon gets his room and a great letter from his gal Janelle. A clear liquid seeps out of his eyes.Jon and Adel talk to Neda about targeting Heather. To Neda, its the best move, but she is not going to admit it. She wants everyone to think it was Jon's idea. She uses reverse psychology and pushes Jon to nominate Adel. Jon falls for the ploy.

The stork arrives to deliver five little bundles of joy. Yep. They have to show their parenting skills by taking care of one of those care baby dolls things. It's a reward/punishment task. Adel and Sabrina will make great parents as long as they don't do it together. Jon and Neda, not so much. They don't have a clue what to do to make their spawn stop crying.

But the biggest baby in the house is Sabrina who apparently needs constant attention and reassurance. Jon tells her she with be nominated, but she is only a pawn. She finds it hard to believe, and wants to know who his real target is. He won't tell her.

They are given a baby shower. The winner is Adel, followed by Neda, Heather and Sabrina. Sabrina can't believe she is a worse parent than Neda and Heather. Jon had the most number of infractions. His punishment is to wear a giant diaper and baby bonnet for the rest of the week, just like Jeremy in BBUS15.

BB messes around with the HGs. Flashing lights. "Ika, please put on your microphone". There are a few random screams. Neda is scared. She wields a frying pan. A creepy diembodied baby doll head is seen in the one way glass, and a creepy voice cries "Saaa-breeen-a". The HGs are asked to gather in the living room. BB tells them they have been disrespectful in his house., and explains that he unleashed terror in the house the previous night. He then says "none of it was real...or was it?" They probably think an evicted house guest will be coming back in the house.

At the nomination ceremony Jon, who is still wearing the massive diaper and baby bonnet, puts Heather and Sabrina on the block. Heather doesn't like that Jon nominated her as a pawn without telling her about it.

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