Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 8 Eviction Day Spoilers (Second Eviction)

So, what's been happening in the BB Canada house this week?

Not much.

Oh, yeah, there was a big fight last night. Everybody was enjoying some booze (except Adel) in the hot tub. The conversation drifted to past events in the house. Adel wanted to know about Sabrina and her big snit with Ika. If, you remember, it was the night before Ika was getting evicted. Sabrina claimed that Ika bashed into her on the stairs, then she followed Ika and Adel out to the hot tub. She wanted to pick a fight with Ika.The two went at it and Sabrina ran to the DR claiming that Ika threatened to kill her and her little dog too. (FYI, she didn't).

Anyway, part of Adel's strategy is to piss off the house guests he believes are headed to the Jury House. He brought this up knowing that Sabrina would go ballistic. Heather told Adel not to go there, not to stir up trouble. He didn't listen, and was encouraged by a now very drunk Jon. Sabrina tried to explain herself with events that only happened in her head. It didn't take long for Adel to sink to the lower level of Hell and go off on Sabrina, telling her that he doesn't care about her, that nobody cares, that she is not worth caring about. You know, the kind of stuff that will purposely make Sabrina go off on a rampage. Lit-tra-lee.

When the dust cleared, Sabrina, Neda and a drunken Jon formed an ill-conceived plan to throw the next HoH competition to Sabrina. (Actually, Sabrina approached Jon about this plan just after the nomination ceremony, but Jon wisely said he would think about it.) She will nominate Adel as the target and Heather as the pawn. She is so pissed off with Adel that she wants to be the one responsible for his eviction. She says she doesn't care if she is evicted the following week. She just wants to outlast Adel. Jon and Neda agreed 1-hundo on it. That was last night. Today, Neda is only about 80% in.Tonight, they have totally reconsidered. It's too risky. Neda and Jon want to win HoH and they want either Heather or Adel out next week. They seem to have agreed on Heather, for now. They both find her "sketchy". Do you know what I find sketchy? This new plan of Neda's. Could it be she maybe has another plan in mind? Is Jon her real target?

On the other hand, Rachelle has done nothing to campaign to stay. She has known she is the target since Adel won HoH, because everybody believes she is such a huge physical threat in an endurance competition. They don't want to risk taking her any further.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly did Rachelle ever win to make people believe this? Well she won that HoH way back in the week that Ika was evicted. The comp itself was suspicious. It was that rope contraption which was attached to a belt worn around the waist - and was "individually calibrated" for tension based on each HG's weight. Individually calibrated... my ass it was. Weight is not a clear indicator of strength to begin with, and Rachelle's rope looked kind of slack when others were struggling to hold their position. If that isn't enough, then you have to consider how many of the others threw that comp. Very few people at that stage of the game, especially the ones that are fans of the show and understand the strategy involved, would want to win HoH. They just don't want blood on their hands. They also don't want to show what they have, strength-wise. They want to save it for the end game. So all things considered, this "Rachelle is a threat in endurance" is complete nonsense.

So it looks like Rachelle is out the door come Thursday. If that changes, I will update this post.

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