Thursday, 3 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Week 5 Recap of Live Eviction Plus BB Side Show

We left off after the POV Ceremony. Sabrina starts working the house. Neda and Jon tell her what she wants to hear. Then she goes to Andrew and tells him they have to watch out for each other. Bunk. All this week she has claimed she never campaigned against Andrew. Bullshit.

Andrew gives in to the dark side and resigns himself to being evicted. What will it take to jump start his game? Hmmn.

Meanwhile Arlie is working both sides of the house and doing a great job at it. If anyone questions anything, then he just puts it down to having come from Sabrina and that he knows she lies a lot. It's an ideal situation.

BB rewards the HGs with a camp out. They get PJs, and will be sleeping in the backyard in sleeping bags. Kenny comes on strong with Rachelle and she is soaking it in. Poor twit. Jon approaches Andrew with a deal to keep him in the game and vote out Sabrina.

Kenny tells Sarah he is gay. Of course she asks why he didn't tell anyone and Kenny explains it was strategy because he can work the men and women. His only worry is if he tells the others, it will create a trust issue. He explains his coming out to Sarah at this time was just to get it off his chest. He is not ready to give up certain advantages keeping Rachelle, and perhaps Sabrina "interested". I think he should just leave it be. It's almost as if he passed the point of no return with that revelation, and he is right. People will see it as "if he can lie about that, then what else has he not been truthful about?"

Andrew talks to Arlie. (Not shown in the episode is that Arlie talks to Jon) Jon tells Sabrina that Andrew is not ready to go home yet, and has been campaigning against her. Sabrina starts to wind up for making a scene, involving lies and deceit. Note that this happened yesterday...and a lot more happened than what they let on. Let's just say the house looked like it was going to flip and vote out Sabrina...until she spun her dry-eyed, paranoid snot web of deceit. So charming.

The live vote. The vote was 7 to 2 to evict Andrew, with Kenny and Allison voting for Sabrina.He exits to some cheers and a lot of booing. But he wasn't mad. He asked why Canada nominated him. How can he be that dense?

For the last two days, BB has been showing "mugshots" of each of the house guests. This is what the next HoH Comp will be about. It's called "Blind Side". They are true or false. Kenny, Adel, Sabrina and Allison are evicted. The game will continue on the next episode, but I will let you know who wins in my House Guest Status Board.

Arisa tells us that next Thursday will be the Double Eviction. Hold on to your seats kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

From Side Show:

Keep in mind that Peter promised that he will put Andrew on the grill. He better keep his word.

Peter and Gary give their review of some of the HGs:'re screwed
Arlie: he's getting too comfortable, and he may fail.
Jon: he's playing a good get to the Jury House
Allison: where's that game? Keep your hands where we can see them.

Andrew is introduced. He says, yes he knows he was a douche, but explains that being in the house "does things to you". Okay. I buy it. Arisa then hits him with two shockers. First up she confirms that Allison was voted in and adds that she was in a "War Room" inside the house, watching the HGs for a whole week. Andrew is shown the goodbye messages from the others. Kenny tells Andrew he is gay. His reaction was as priceless as Ika's was last week.

All Peter had time to say was "Andrew, you bald headed bitch". Wow. I watched Side Show for this?

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