Thursday, 10 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Week 6 Double Eviction Day Spoilers

***The following should be considered spoilers if you only watch the aired episodes and not the live feeds. Just saying.***

Tonight's episode is the first double eviction of the season. Here's a breakdown:

The first eviction is pretty much straightforward. Sarah is going home tonight. Sarah tried to strike a deal with Neda to flip her vote in exchange for protection of both Neda and Jon. Neda declined, but went to Jon just to make sure. She wanted to know if Jon trusted Allison insofar that if Jon was on the block with Arlie, whom would Allison vote to evict. Jon said she would vote Arlie out.

The second eviction is a toss up. Suddenly, we have a real competition.

Jon and the Sloppy Seconds vs Kenny and The Gremlins

No, they aren't two really bad pop groups from the 70's. It's the two sides of the house. Kenny commands the Gremlins - Sabrina and Rachelle. The rest of the house...The Sloppy Seconds, are basically under the control of Jon, with Neda and Arlie as second in command.

Jon and The Sloppy Seconds
If Kenny and the Gremlins win, they will put up Jon and Arlie OR they could nominate Arlie and Adel then backdoor Jon. In either scenario, Jon is their target, but they would be happy to let any 3 of them go.

Kenny and The Gremlins
If The Sloppy Seconds win, Kenny and Sabrina will find themselves on the block...but Kenny is their target.

Will Arlie flip again? My guess is no. He will work the numbers game to take this opportunity to get rid of Kenny. He won't flip to evict Jon and risk the majority of the house coming after him next week. Will Arlie try to win this HoH or take another dive? That depends...I think he will play for real until Kenny and the Gremlins are knocked out of the competition, then let someone else in the alliance win. Of course, that's just my opinion based on his track record.

The one wild card in the whole situation is Allison and her Red POV. Remember, she only has 2 more opportunities to use it...for the 2nd POV Ceremony and Next week's. (last night's POV ceremony was her first chance). After yesterday's talk with Jon, she just may use it to save Jon if he is nominated by Kenny!

Okay, I lied. In many ways, I also see Kenny as a bit of a wild card. What? Well the only ties Kenny had to Sabrina were through Sarah. Kenny can't tolerate Sabrina, and has only been civil in an attempt to make Sarah's last couple of days in the house bearable. He also knows that Canada doesn't particularly care for the woman either. Combine that with his trying to clean up his game and coming out to the house just yesterday, and you just might see Kenny make a big move. With Sarah out of the picture, I can't see Kenny remaining with the Gremlins simply by default.

Of course, things might change as leaks come out from the taping, and I will update my House Guest Standings page as events unfold. You can find that HERE

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