Thursday, 24 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 23 Week 8 Eviction

After the POV Ceremony...

All Sabrina has is Rachelle. Rachelle says she really is trying to campaign, but there is nothing she can do...she's just not that creative, I guess. At least sabrina is trying to make deals. Rachelle would rather just go get a coffee.

Adel talks to the pictures in the backyard. I guess he did learn something from Arlie other than the bad advise on pissing off potential jury members. I am really starting to think that Arlie gave him bad advise on purpose.

Heather and Neda talk about F2. Neda knows that she can't bring Jon to the end. She would loose. Jon is starting to see a change in her behavior.

Update on the Jury House. Or shall we say, Arlie's Nudist Camp. Of course he's naked.

Arisa talks to the HGs gathered in the living room for the vote. Jon mentions that they have to keep up good relationships because you definitely don't want a pissed off evicted HG going to the jury house. They didn't show Adel's reaction to that. But I doubt it would sink in anyways.

Heather confesses to Neda and Jon about being isolated by the others at the beginning of the game. She also tells them they will be her friends for the rest of her life.

Jon gets his wish list from the Easter Egg win. Whiskey, beer, pizza, burgers and cigars. Of
course Neda can't have any so Jon is bummed out. They start drinking and have a hot tub party. A fight soon develops between Adel and Sabrina...he started it. This results in Sabrina wanting to do anything to get Adel out. She tries to strike a deal with Jon and Neda. They throw the next HoH to her, she gets rid of Adel, and after that she doesn't care if they vote her out or not.Jon was drunk when he made that deal, and he and Neda quickly backtracked on that one the next day.

Jury vote. But first a montage of the Gremlin story that we don't really want to see, and I have no comment on.

No surprise. Rachelle is evicted by a vote of 3 to 0. Buh bye. Off to jury. Arlie will have a whole week with Allison and Rachelle before the next one shows up. Better make sure some ground rule include NO PEEING IN THE HOT TUB. There's a pond nearby for that.

The comp for the next HoH is called On the Ropes. It's a Survivor-ish type comp. They have to untangle a rope which is attached to their waists, wound through a thicker rope grid. It's also over very cold water. Only Sabrina, Neda, Heather and Jon compete. The show ends before a new HoH is determined.

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