Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 25 Week 9 POV Comp and Ceremony

Heather is upset Jon put her on the block without telling her first. Jon told her she is the pawn but in reality she is his target.

Adel thinks Jon is going to take him to the F2, and together they will "Wake up Canada". Geez. Please, enough of that crap already. Canada is done with it.

Neda throws Jon under the bus and tells Heather she doesn't know why Jon didn't tell her. Neda reconsiders her plans about taking Heather to the end, based on how hard she played in the HoH comp. Neda goes to Jon to tell him he should have talked to Heather first. Heather decides to suck it up and talk to Jon about it first. Heather breaks out the dry tears. Jon gives her some mumble mumble excuse, which is not only a little hard to understand but also a little hard to take seriously while he's wearing that damn baby outfit.

Jon calls his diaper a chastity belt and neda is afraid that he's actually been using it as a diaper. Heather is moping at the hot tub about being on the block and misses her boyfriend Will.

POV competition is called Blown Away. They have to jump in the Twistos Twister (wind chamber) box and grab letters spelling "Grab the Power of Veto". There are also Twistos bags with money values inside.

Jon is safe this week so he says screw the veto and grabs money first. Then he goes for the letters.
Adel is next. He grabs all the letters he can without thought.
Neda goes for money first then grabs handfuls of letters.
Sabrina has a big choice because she may be going home this week. She wants the money and the veto. She goes for the money then the letters. Too hard so she grabs more money.
Heather is last. She really wants to take herself off the block so grabs as many letters as possible.

New Twist: only the person with the most amount of money in the fastest time gets the money. Neda got $3000, but Heather wins Veto.

So now the real battle begins...naming a replacement. Adel wants to convince Jon to put up Neda rather than him. Neda wants Sabrina to stay over Adel. She knows Adel is better for Jon's game, but it's Sabrina, not Adel who's better for hers.

Each house guest is called to the living room. Sabrina is first and offered 2 minutes with a loved one in exchange for a punishment. She meets her friend in the War Room, but they are separated by glass. Her punishment is slop. This should get interesting. Heather gets to see her boyfriend and gives up access to the HoH room, which wasn't hers this week anyway. What's up with that? Adel has to give up sleep for 36 hours to see his friend. Neda gives up all her personal belongings to see her sister. All of it, make up too. Jon sees his father and in return he is put in solitary confinement in his HoH room for 24 hours. I guess they let him take off his baby suit first. Their punishments will begin after the PoV ceremony.

The one thing I am thinking is, why didn't Jon, Heather, Adel or Sabrina question the existence of the War Room? Neda knew of it of course, she's been in there twice. Not one of them said, "What?" or "What's with this room?" They have to be thinking that there had to be a bigger purpose for it than just this visit with their family or friends...and only 10 minutes of screen time.

Adel tries to get in Jon's ear, trying to convince him of his value to Jon's game. He actually thinks Jon will put up Neda instead. Meanwhile Sabrina does the right thing and goes directly to Neda and Heather who will be doing the actual voting this week. Who said Sabrina has no game? Adel tries to talk to Jon's picture in the backyard, hoping to put some sort of spell on Jon I guess. Something tells me that isn't going to work.

No big surprise at the Veto Ceremony. Heather takes herself off the block and Jon puts up Adel. It's pretty clear that unless someone makes some big move, who is going home this week. Look for some heavy duty bickering between Adel and Sabrina in tomorrow's episode.

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