Saturday, 5 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Weekend Update - Week 6 Live Feeds

        Thursday April 3 to Sunday April 6
  • Heather won HoH comp called "Blind Side" - (my opinion: very ironic since no one saw that coming). She is given her HoH room later that night (Thursday), which leads everyone to speculate that there might be an instant eviction - HoH rooms are usually opened the next day.
  • Rachelle, Sabrina, and Allison (separately) talk to Heather as soon as everybody leaves from the standard room reveal.
  • Rachelle apologizes to Heather for treating her meanly, suggests they be friends then asks her if she is safe. Heather tells her she is not the target, but could be a pawn.
  • Heather tells Sabrina she is safe
  • Allison tells Heather they started out as friends, but then she (Allison) got involved with Andrew. They have girl chat, agree to do their nails together and Heather tells Allison she is not her target and will try to keep her safe.
  • The have nots (chosen by Heather) are Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle
  • Rachelle eats Heathers candies
  • BB tells the house guests they have 15 minutes to pack their bags. No reason is given.
  • BB has punished the whole house for Rachelle's indiscretion. Slop and no hot water for 48 hours (will end Monday)
  • Rachelle tries to apologize to Heather, calling it an accident and blaming her nerves and fear of being nominated. Heather will not have any of it. (my opinion: Rachelle came off as if she was blaming Heather for being nervous)
  • Heather tells Rachelle that she will be nominated - for getting everyone punished. Heather later states that she only said this to Rachelle to punish her for ruining her HoH.
  • Heather tells Kenny he is being nominated. He tries to talk her out of it.
  • Heather tells Allison she is being nominated as a pawn. Allison is upset. Heather asks Allison if she wants to sleep in the HoH room and they can do their nails. Allison storms out.
  • Allison told heather about the First 5, and that the alliance has been together since the beginning of the show. Heather passes the info onto Jon, Neda and Adel.
  • Heather & her allies agree that if any of them win PoV, they will take Allison off and put up Sarah.
  • Sarah is panicking. She wants the other side to think she wants to go up on the block. Arlie warns her that "the other side" is already considering it, and she better stop or her game will be in jeopardy.
  • PoV players are chosen: Heather, Kenny, Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina and Arlie. 
  • Kenny wins PoV
  • The plan is to nominate Sarah as replacement...Sarah is the target.
  • Heather tells Sarah that she is a possible replacement nominee, after Sarah tells Heather that she is just being herself, and not trying to be her friend. 
  • Heather tells Sabrina and Rachelle she is not going to discuss a possible replacement nom until right before the Veto Ceremony. Heather asks them who they think she should nominate...their choices are Jon and Adel.
  • Adel tells Heather that Arlie talked to Allison, and Allison is "on board" with them.
  • Arlie tells Jon and Adel that he will not expose himself to the First 5 until the eviction when he votes for Sarah.  
(my opinion: at this time, the Arlie and Sarah situation is identical to the Andy and Helen events in BBUS 15, but it is still unclear as to Arlie's true intentions)
  • Veto Ceremony is Sunday
  • Sarah to Allison: if the worst happens and I go home, please promise me you will take care of Kenny. (she is alluding to his "secret", and how Kenny will need a confidant) Sabrina can't do for him what you can do.
  • Outside lockdown late Sunday afternoon. When HGs return inside, they get food + reward. They look for the reward, but no one can see anything...except there are two daisy arrangements on the upstairs balcony. Neda checks the larger one. Camera zooms in several times to the smaller arrangement. Allison checks this one and finds a clue. She begins to follow trail. One clue reads "make a splash". She checks around pool once, looks elsewhere then goes back. She finds the next clue inside a hockey puck. 
  • Her search goes on for several hours. Not sure how many clues there are in total but she knows it involves the secret room, Last clue was "read it like a book, 1 to 3"...just before airtime of Sunday night episode, the feeds to go Hush Hush EXACTLY when Allison opens the door.

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