Thursday, 3 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Week 5: Eviction Day Will It Be Andrew or Sabrina?

Despite all our hopes that rising yesterday - that the house will flip and evict Sabrina, it looks like Andrew will be exiting the house tonight.

It was a tough choice. Vote out the nose-picking, back-stabbing, lying bitch Sabrina or the nose-picking, scumbag douche-nozzle Andrew? Hmm. Uh. Ah.

Well, Sabrina's game is done anyway. No one can trust a person who actually believes their own lies. Her closest allies are even holding her at arms length. Sarah had enough of her two weeks ago when Sabrina threw her under the bus during the Paul eviction vote. Sabrina's lap dog, Rachelle has even begun to question the things she has said. Maybe Rachelle isn't quite as naive as we all thought. As it sits now, Sabrina's only value is an ally that someone can easily win against in the finals - with bonus points for patience in putting up with her that long. The problem with Sabrina staying is the possibility that she will make the jury. Another bad scenario - she would poison the minds of each and every other jury member. Not good.

As it sits now, the house is set on voting out Andrew. It's actually the best move. He is the bigger threat physically, and it is better to get rid of him now while they can. They may never get another chance.

I know, I know. How great would it have been to see Sabrina's face after everybody told her she was safe, and then they voted her out? Andrew's eviction will also be very entertaining. Peter Brown stated (on Rob Has a Podcast) that he and Gary are going to blast Andrew for his gameplay and let him know in no uncertain terms just how despised he is by the viewers. You better stay true to your words, Peter. 

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